Here are some things to consider:

  • There are many people/customers who need floating.
    There are only 100-140 pieces facilities in
    Sweden and
    totally in Europe maximum 500 
  • Floating tank doesn’t need much work effort.
  • There is a lot of research.
  • It is a "side effect". People come to 100% out smiling after a floating pass.
  • A floating pass can cost quite a lot, but the price goes down the more you float.

A tank can be at the absolute load only receive 77 people at7 days week. (06.00-20.30)

-Our floatation tank has a design protected entrance and the inside is it huge.
-We have
's best price on fibreglass tanks. (we have not found any better)


Burnout syndrome spreads in Sweden and other countries. Look at your workplace.


How many are stressed, suffering from pain, sleep problems, anxiety and depression? Can they be helped? I don’t know and neither will they know before they have tried floating.


But you should know that in terms of stress-related pain is eight out of ten helped by means of floating. /Karlstad University

Remember! -Floating helping both yourself and others.